Supervision of Search Orders

Search orders are one of the most draconian orders that can be made by a Court and for that reason it is necessary for at least one supervising solicitor to be approved by the Court to supervise the execution of such an order.  A search order can be sought where a party has strong reason to believe that crucial evidence will otherwise be destroyed by another party, unless its preservation is secured through the execution of a search order.

Search orders can be obtained in relation to business and domestic premises.

Our Neil Williams has considerable experience in this regard having been involved with a total of 13 search or delivery up and disclosure orders, 10 as a supervising solicitor, 1 as an assistant to a supervising solicitor and 2 advising the defendant whose premises were being searched.

We welcome enquiries from other firms looking to appoint a supervising solicitor and from defendants requiring advice in respect of a search order.  Where more than 1 supervising solicitor is required, our Neil Williams would be happy to work in conjunction with others, to identify other potential supervising solicitors and, if required, to co-ordinate preparation and arrangements between the supervising solicitors.

If you would like to discuss the appointment of Neil Williams as a supervising solicitor or to seek advice in relation to a search order which has been obtained, please contact our team.