Intellectual Property Disputes

The brand, reputation and assets of a business can be protected and enhanced in a whole manner of ways including through trademark registration, copyright, registering design rights, unregistered design rights, obtaining patents and in bringing action for any infringement of intellectual property rights owned or enjoyed by the business.

From time to time, disputes and litigation inevitably arise between businesses, particularly competing businesses, as to alleged infringement of such intellectual property rights, which are often of business-critical importance.

Work undertaken by us includes bringing or defending claims involving alleged passing of, breach of copyright, trademark infringement, design right infringement and patent infringement claims.  When necessary, urgent injunctive relief can be sought from the court to restrain the infringement in question, in order to protect a client’s business interests.

We have experience representing clients in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, a specialist court with a unique procedure designed to speed up the time and limit the costs it takes to obtain a judgment.

Where appropriate, we also work closely with specialist counsel, patent agents and/or trademark attorneys.

If you would like to discuss an intellectual property issue or dispute with us, please contact the team.