Partnership Disputes

Like in marriage, partners fall out from time to time, sometimes with considerable acrimony involved, resulting in a partnership dispute or even, in some cases, the dissolution of the partnership.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution members have handled a variety of partnership disputes including for solicitors, dentists, doctors, restaurant and other business owners and can you assist and advise you in what can be a very stressful situation, with a view to protecting your interests.

In conjunction with our clients, we assess the merits of the dispute and discuss our clients’ commercial objectives.  We seek resolution or determination of the partnership dispute as cost-effectively as we can, taking account of the background to a particular case and our instructions, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and/or litigation.

Disputes can involve a whole host of issues including:

  • arguments over entitlement to profit shares;
  • disputes over shares of any goodwill in the business, of the valuation of the business or of an out-going partner’s share;
  • disputes over amounts of drawings and other benefits;
  • issues over ownership of business premises or leased premises;
  • issues over on-going liabilities such as guarantees
  • performance of individual partners;
  • breaches of the partnership agreement;
  • disputes over the validity of the expulsion of a partner from the partnership;
  • on-going use of the partnership name;
  • breach of restrictive covenants or breach of confidence by an out-going partner.

If you are involved in an actual partnership dispute or a partnership dispute is pending, which you would like to discuss, please contact a member of our team.