Where Court action is necessary and an award of damages will not be an adequate remedy, urgent injunctive relief can be sought by our experienced litigation team on your behalf in order to seek to protect your interests.

Various types of injunctive relief are available including:

  • an order for delivery up of goods, documents, information and/ or databases, which belong to you or to which you are entitled to possession, which are wrongfully being withheld from you;
  • an injunction restraining an ex-employee, ex-franchisee, ex-distributor or a seller of a business from breaching restrictive covenants;
  • a freezing order to freeze the assets of a defendant and to prevent their further dissipation (except as provided for by the Court);
  • a search order pursuant to which premises, vehicles, computers and other electronic equipment and storage devices in the possession of a defendant can be searched to obtain and secure valuable evidence which might otherwise be destroyed;
  • a mandatory injunction whereby a defendant is ordered by a court to do a specific act;
  • an injunction to prevent acts of nuisance, harrassment or trespass.

If you are involved in a situation or dispute, where you think you might want to seek injunctive relief and/or other remedies, please contact the team.