Debt Recovery

If you have invoices of up to £100,000 which have not been paid by your customers and are overdue, our debt recovery team can help you in recovering the monies owed to you. Our experienced team would be happy to discuss your options and assist you in seeking recovery of the funds due.

Initial steps:

For undisputed invoices, our work in preparing and dispatching a letter of claim (in a standard form) is £175 plus VAT. This fee is fixed and we will send you a written notification when we have despatched the letter of claim. The letter of claim notifies your customer that you have instructed solicitors and acts as a final warning before you issue court proceedings.

If the debt is not paid by the deadline set in the letter, our recovery team can continue to chase payment by post, email and telephone call. For each subsequent contact with the debtor (both made and received) prior to the issue of proceedings, we charge £17.50 plus VAT.

Still no payment…

Where we have sent a letter of claim and the customer does not pay within 14 days, we can then issue proceedings for the sum due.

The fee we charge for issuing proceedings will vary depending on the amount you are claiming from the debtor. To calculate this, please see the “Court proceedings (relating to undisputed invoices)” table on our Costs Information page. 

In each circumstance, you will also be charged the court issue fee and the fixed amount claimable from the debtor. These fees are added to the amount you are claiming from the debtor and are recoverable as part of the proceedings.


Once we have issued proceedings, your customer has 14 days to pay the sums claimed or file a defence. This deadline is extended to 28 days if your customer files an acknowledgement of service.

If your customer has still not paid or has failed to respond to the claim, we can request default judgment on the sum claimed on your behalf. Our fees for doing so are fixed set out in the “Judgment” table in our Costs Information page.


Where the court has entered judgment against your customer but the customer is still failing to pay the amount due to you, we can assist you in enforcing the judgment against them.

There are various enforcement procedures available, and we can discuss with you the most suitable option, once you have obtained judgment. We set out the costs of this on our Costs Information page.