Other Professionals

The boundaries of what can be described as “professional negligence” are now wider than they once were. 75% of the UK’s economy is now accounted for by the service sector. Generally speaking, those people and companies providing a service to you or your business will owe you a duty to provide that service with reasonable skill and care.

We can advise in claims against a wide variety of non-traditional, niche and modern professionals including:

  • Agricultural consultants providing negligent advice in respect of rights of succession to farm tenancies;
  • IT professionals providing defective bespoke software;
  • Energy trading consultants providing unsuitable advice in relation to the sale or purchase of energy to hedge against market fluctuations;
  • Schools and other educational establishments failing to institute and operate academic or disciplinary policies with reasonable skill and care or in accordance with their statutory obligations;
  • Equine vets failing to carry out a pre-purchase five stage check with reasonable skill and care.