Enduring Powers of Attorney EPAs

The previous system which existed until October 2007, allowed a Donor to create an EPA appointing an individual or individuals to manage their financial, property and business affairs.  Although it is no longer possible to create an EPA, they can still be used by your Attorney(s) to manage your financial, property and business affairs. 

If you have an unregistered EPA, then your Attorney(s) are under a positive duty to register it with the EPA with the Office of the Public Guardian should they have reason to believe you are, or are becoming mentally incapable.  Our specialist Team can advise on the process and deal with the application on the Attorney(s) behalf. 

If you want to replace your unregistered EPA and replace it with a Property & Financial Affairs LPA, you can do so whilst you still have mental capacity to do so. If the EPA is registered, it can be revoked but only by authority of the Court of Protection. We can offer assistance with the formalities of achieving this.