Domestic Violence

Sadly domestic violence is more common than most people think. Our team of family law lawyers understand that it is difficult to even begin discussing the issue but they have years of experience working to obtain protection for sufferers of domestic abuse.

The term ‘domestic violence’ does not just cover physical abuse but also sexual, psychological and economical abuse and harassment. It applies equally to men, women and children and is not acceptable in any circumstances.

At George Green we believe everyone has the right to live without fearing for their or their family’s safety. If you are a victim of domestic violence it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Our family lawyers are someone that you can trust. Once we know the facts we will work quickly and carefully to ensure you and your family are protected. There are a range of court orders which can be obtained to protect you from abuse and to stop the abuser coming into your home. Breach of such an order is a criminal offence and will be dealt with by the police.

We understand the difficulties faced by people dealing with domestic abuse. We offer emergency appointments and respond quickly to protect our clients and their families. We strongly advise that any incidents are reported to the police and your GP.

If you are able to without putting yourself at further risk, it is a good idea to obtain photographs of any injuries and keep copies of any abusive text or voice messages, emails or letters.

For further advice on domestic violence and the options available to you, please contact a member of our team.