Civil Partnership Dissolution

The breakdown of a civil partnership can be a difficult, emotional and stressful time. The partnership will need to be formally dissolved and financial implications carefully considered. Our highly experienced team of family lawyers is fully committed to resolving disputes to help you find the best outcome for your future.

Grounds for dissolution

In order to dissolve a civil partnership in England and Wales, you must have been civil partners for at least one year and be able to show that the relationship has broken down. In order to do this you can rely on one of the following facts:

  • Your partner has behaved unreasonably towards you and you can no longer live with them
  • Your partner has deserted you (left without your consent) for two years or more
  • You have been separated for two years or more and your partner agrees to the dissolution
  • You and your partner have been separated for five years or more


Many civil partnership dissolutions are undefended as usually both parties accept that the relationship has broken down and understand that the grounds for the dissolution will have little effect on financial matters or child arrangements.

From the date of issue, undefended proceedings will take between four to six months to the pronouncement of the Conditional Order. There is then a further six week period before the application can be made for the Final Order to dissolve the partnership, however this can sometimes take longer until financial matters are resolved.

When going through civil partnership dissolution, it is important to put in place a court order dealing with the financial position to prevent financial claims being raised in the future. For more information please click here.


Our family lawyers recognise that one of the main concerns is the cost when dealing with civil partnership dissolution. We believe that everyone should be able to access affordable legal advice. We offer a range of charging rates to suit different budgets and our family solicitors will always provide you with a detailed estimate of our fees from the outset and will keep you up to date with the costs throughout the matter. We also offer fixed fees. For further information contact a member of our dedicated family law team.

Our highly experienced family lawyers are based in Cradley Heath and Wolverhampton. We are happy to travel to meet clients at alternative locations and offer out of hours appointments upon request to meet our client’s needs.