Advice for Landlords

We provide cost effective commercial advice to landlords whether they own one investment property, a shopping mall, office complex, industrial estate or varied portfolio. We also regularly act for pensions schemes.

We understand that you want to complete the transaction as soon as possible minimizing the costs of owning a vacant property whilst ensuring that your interests are properly protected.

We can advise you on the security of tenure rights (or right to remain at the property) that can be acquired by tenants occupying commercial property and how to prevent such rights applying to your premises, if appropriate.

As well as preparing and negotiating lease documentation we can also advise you in relation to:

  • agreements for lease
  • rent deposit deeds
  • licences allowing the tenant to alter or carry out works
  • licences authorising a change of use, the assignment or transfer of the lease to a new tenant or to sublet
  • deeds of surrender to terminate leases
  • helping you comply with your obligation to act reasonably whilst protecting your interests and ensuring the tenant meets your legal costs when you are entitled to expect them to do so.

If you have a landlord’s break right we can prepare and serve a break notice for you.