Training for Employers

As a business, you are fully aware of the myriad of legislation covering the work place today.  That said, however well aware you are, it is your people who are at the heart of your business and it is these people who should be fully aware of the company’s policies and procedures, which set out their responsibilities in the work place.

Everybody should adhere to the company’s policies, but it can sometimes be helpful when the employer roles out training to bring those policies to life. Communication is key as there is very little point in having a policy that is either poorly communicated, or is so complicated that employees are unsure what their responsibilities are in line with those policies.  Further, some employees in more managerial roles will have the responsibility of managing employees themselves, e.g. in terms of performance generally and carrying out grievance disciplinary hearings of which the majority of operational staff have no training.

We are here to fill any gaps in those training requirements, as we have a significant amount of experience in providing training bespoke or otherwise in numerous formats to both clients and contacts.  We are able to provide this bespoke training which is tailor made to fit your requirements, whether this be to HR or operational staff or more generally to the wider population.

Examples of the bespoke training available are as follows:-

  • Managing sickness absence;
  • Disciplinary issues and dismissals;
  • Managing poor performance;
  • Carrying out successful redundancy programmes;
  • TUPE;
  • Conducting grievance hearings;
  • Changing terms and conditions;
  • Discrimination awareness and equality;
  • Protecting the business with restrictive covenants;
  • Dealing with agency workers;
  • Mock employment tribunals;
  • Holiday pay;
  • National minimum wage;
  • Modern slavery in the corporate context.

In addition to our bespoke in-house training programmes, we also hold regular in-house employment law seminars on numerous topics.

In relation to our in-house events, we often invite external experts to speak at those events as well as ourselves e.g. at our managing sickness absence workshops, we have often invited an occupational health provider along to provide their tips as to dealing with persistent sickness absence issues.