Will You Not Marry Me? Law to Change for Mixed-Sex Couples

This week has seen the Prime Minister’s groundbreaking announcement that legislation will be put in place to allow heterosexual couples to enter into Civil Partnerships. The announcement follows a landmark decision of the Supreme Court in June that highlighted that heterosexual couples not being able to enter into Civil Partnerships was incompatible with human rights laws.

As the law currently stands, Civil Partnerships have only been open to same sex couples. This week’s announcement attempts to make the law equal and allow a new option for couples who dislike the idea of traditional marriage but wish to have legal recognition of their relationship.

The Government also hopes that the move will provide greater security for unmarried couples and their families. There is a common misconception that couples who live together have a ‘common law marriage.’ In reality cohabiting couples do not have the same legal rights as married couples and are often therefore not protected or left in a vulnerable financial position if their relationship were to break down. 

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