What is a covenant? Does my property have any covenants?

A covenant is a rule which states what can and cannot be done on the land. They are usually created in a deed between two parties, with one party agreeing to restrict the use of its land in a certain way for the benefit of another’s land. For registered properties, any covenants affecting the property will be stated in the title. A covenant can be very important as it could affect the value of land or its intended use.

Covenants can be positive or negative. Positive covenants are obligations to do something, such as keep contribute to a maintenance fund or maintain a wall. Restrictive covenants are rules preventing certain things from being done on the land, such as keeping animals or using the property for business purposes.

If your property is registered, you will be able to view any covenants affecting your property by downloading a copy of the title of the property from the Land Registry website. If your property’s title is not available on the Land Registry website, you will be able to find any covenants affecting your property in your original title deeds.

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