Re-opening of restaurants from 4th July

On 23 June, the Prime Minister announced that from the 4 July, restaurants would be able to begin reopening their doors to customers, 3 months after they were ordered to close. 

It is now essential that restaurants reopen in a safe and controlled manner. The Government has issued guidance which restaurant owners should take into account when implementing measures aimed at preventing the transmission of Covid 19 within their businesses. 

This guidance states that restaurant owners will need to complete a risk assessment which assesses the risks presented by COVID-19. Failure to do so is likely to constitute a breach of health and safety law. 

Restaurant owners must also implement measures to reduce the risk so far as reasonably practicable.  They must take into account many factors when considering how to reopen their businesses.

The government guidance can be found at

Whilst these guidelines are untested and fluid, it is essential that restaurant owners act to ensure that their businesses have done all that is reasonably practicable to keep their employees and customers safe. 

Our Regulatory Partner, James Lowe, is offering a free 1 hour consultation for any business contacted by the HSE or local authorities in respect of compliance issues relating to Covid 19. James can be contacted on 07833 240400.