Karl Lagerfeld - The mystery of his inheritance continues

Early last year, we wrote about the estate of Karl Lagerfeld, the German fashion tycoon who died in February 2019 and how it was widely believed that Lagerfeld had left his fortune to his cat, Choupette.

Lagerfeld had been reported as repeatedly saying that his cat “has her own little fortune, she’s an heiress”.

A will has now been found which names seven beneficiaries - but it seems the division of assets is not going to be straight forward.  The named beneficiaries include Lagerfeld’s housekeeper (on the condition that she take care of Choupette) and a number of male models.

Lucien Frydlender, 87, was Lagerfeld’s accountant for many years. It is believed that he is the only person with enough knowledge about Lagerfeld’s assets to help with the division of assets as set out in Lagerfeld’s will. 

Whilst an inventory of Lagerfeld’s assets is currently being drawn up, Frydlender, who has the most knowledge of Lagerfeld’s assets, is reportedly not taking anyone’s calls. His wife insists that he has ‘not run off to an island’ but that he is too sick to help with Lagerfeld’s will.

Lagerfeld’s estate is reportedly worth 200 million euros and his beneficiaries will want to ensure they get their fair share. We are not sure whether Frydlender is named as executor of Lagerfeld’s estate but it is now a question of how the beneficiaries will ensure that all of Lagerfeld’s assets are included in his estate when the man with the knowledge of them cannot help.  

Will disputes can be common especially when the named beneficiaries are not close family members. There is still much uncertainty about Lagerfeld’s estate and there may well be disputes amongst the beneficiaries as to how much they all receive from the estate.

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