How do I start the mediation process?


Mediation may be helpful if you and your partner, spouse, or civil partner are separating. You will meet with a specially trained mediator who will help you to negotiate arrangements when your relationship has ended, including about finances and your children.  The mediator will help you to reach an agreement but will not tell you what to do.

The first meeting with the mediator is called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) where they will explain how the mediation process works and find out what you hope to achieve. If you proceed with mediation, the mediator will provide you with an Outcome Statement at the end which summarises the discussions you had, the key points, and any agreements reached. 

Mediation is important as in most circumstances you now have to consider it before applying to court. The Ministry of Justice recently published statistics showing that the number of MIAMs increased by 14% between April and June 2019 compared to last year. The number of mediation sessions starting increased by 22% and the number of outcomes increased by 13%. 

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