My tenant is not paying rent, what can I do?

COVID-19 has taken its toll on a number of individuals and businesses, including their ability to pay rent.

Whilst the government put moratoriums in place to protect tenants during the lockdowns, those moratoriums have now been lifted.  Subject to some limited exemptions, landlords are now able to forfeit leases on the basis of unpaid rent, provided certain requirements are met, as well as pursuing recovery of the rent arrears through the courts.

We can help you understand the terms of your lease to determine whether you can forfeit the property and help you take the necessary steps in order to do so.

In the alternative, you may wish to keep your tenant, but need the tenant to pay its rent arrears. We can help with drafting the initial letter of claim and taking the tenant to court, if necessary, to ensure the arrears get paid.

Please call our team on 01384 410410 and ask to speak to Emma Barton or another of our property litigation lawyers. Alternatively, please email us at providing a brief summary of the issues you wish to discuss with us, along with your contact details.