How do I get my tenants to move out? (residential)

Sometimes your tenants are not paying rent and you cannot afford to have them stay in the property when you need to pay the mortgage. Sometimes you simply want your property back.

Whatever the reason, we can help find a solution to getting your tenants to move out.

Ordinarily, tenants are less than willing to move out of their own accord. We have found in most cases that councils will not rehouse individuals unless they have a possession order against them.

For this, you first need to serve either a section 8 notice, a section 21 notice or a notice to quit and then begin possession proceedings in court.

It is essential that you serve the right notice in the right manner or you may find your case gets ‘kicked out’ before it has even begun. We can help you with this, as well as issuing possession proceedings and enforcing any order should that be necessary.

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