Child Immunisations: Disagreement

The Family court recently made an Order that a child should receive immunisations despite the father objecting to the same.


The child concerned was a 5 year old girl. Whilst her parents were together she received all vaccinations as recommended by Public Health England. After they separated her parents could not agree over whether she should receive the next set of recommended vaccinations or not.


The child’s mother, who wished to give her the vaccinations, issued an application to the court for a Specific Issue Order. The court heard evidence from the parents, the child’s Guardian and also medical experts.


On balance the court held that it was in the child’s best interests to be given the immunisations, even though her father objected.


The court pointed out that issues such as this must be decided on their own facts.

George Green’s Head of Family, Mark Vandaele, comments “… it is common for separated parents to disagree over many issues concerning their children. If no common ground can be found then either parent is able to issue an application for a Specific Issue Order…”


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