Start-ups - business advice and mentoring

Our Growth Centre “Useful Links” page contains a list of website links to key sources of business support. We recommend that start-ups take advantage of all sources of free advice available to them.

Accountancy and legal advice

A sensible, commercially minded accountant/tax adviser is essential for any new business. We have a wide range of contacts and can provide recommendations if required.

We recognise that many start-ups do not have sufficient resources to incur significant legal costs unless they consider it essential to do so. For this reason, we have made available our INTEGRAL suite of standard free to access legal templates and guidance notes. Tailored professional advice is, however, essential for any business undertaking a significant transaction (such as a premises acquisition) or faced with a significant claim, or a business that wishes to seek formal legal protection for an asset (such as a trade mark) of particular value to it. We can provide fixed fee estimates in advance for many of our services.

Business Mentoring and On-line Guidance

Following the demise of Business Link, GOV.UK is the Government’s main source of on-line business advice. Local Chambers of Commerce and the business support arms of Universities will commonly provide more meaningful and personalised advice, for example the Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre provides a range of resources for start-ups. Universities also commonly provide business incubation services (such as SP/ARK based at the University of Wolverhampton), particularly for early stage technology businesses.

Jobseeker's Allowance claimants aged 18 or over who wish to start their own businesses can get extra help through the New Enterprise Allowance.

Hands-on consultancy support to manufacturers on general business strategy and specific development projects is provided by the Manufacturing Advisory ServiceGrowth Accelerator, a recently established collaboration between BIS and private sector partners provides tailored packages of mentoring support (delivered via accredited coaches) designed to encourage rapid growth, to businesses with turnover of less than £40m and fewer than 250 employees.

Disclaimer: Whilst we use our best endeavours to maintain our online resources you should note that this document is not intended to constitute a definitive or complete statement of the law on any subject, nor is any part of it intended to constitute legal advice for any specific situation.  We do not accept any responsibility for action taken as a result of online information provided by us.  We recommend that you take specific advice when dealing with specific situations.  Nothing in our online services nor any use of such services shall be construed or relied on as creating any solicitor-client relationship or providing any legal representation, advice or opinion whatsoever unless you subsequently instruct us on a specific matter and accept our terms of engagement.