George Green’s environmental law specialist can help you or your business in the event that you have to deal with an investigation or prosecution.

The Environment Agency is responsible for the enforcement of most environmental legislation, although statutory nuisance and some other offences are dealt with by local authority environmental health officers.

The Environment Agency has very wide enforcement powers including a range of civil sanctions that it administers itself. It also has wide powers to conduct criminal investigations if it believes there have been breaches of environmental legislation. Its officers have extensive investigatory powers. 

If a prosecution is commenced against you or your business it will be dealt with by a Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court. Most environmental offences carry significant fines and the risk of custodial offences for individuals.

In certain cases the Environment Agency can bring confiscation proceedings to recover the proceeds of any “criminal activity”.  These sums can be substantial and we have seen applications to recover sums in excess of £1 million. This can lead to assets being restrained before conviction which can have a significant impact on those facing these proceedings.

What environmental law cases do you deal with?

We deal with a broad range of environmental law cases including but not limited to:

  • Environment Agency investigations
  • Environment Agency prosecutions
  • Appeals against Noise Abatement Notices
  • Statutory nuisance prosecutions
  • Waste offences
  • Water pollution
  • Environmental Permitting breaches
  • Breaches of planning legislation
  • Wildlife offences
  • Packaging Waste: Producer Responsibilities
  • Interviews under caution/ PACE interviews
  • Confiscation proceedings

What should I do if I am suspected of breaching environmental laws?

If you are informed that you or your business face an investigation by the Environment Agency or a local authority, or are served with a Notice of any kind, you should contact an environmental law specialist immediately.  You should not try to deal with these matters alone.