Regulatory Services

George Green’s regulatory solicitors can help you or your business if you have to deal with an investigation or a prosecution.

The risk of receiving substantial fines and custodial sentences in the event of conviction has never been higher.

The need for early instruction of experienced regulatory solicitors in such cases has never been greater.

We have considerable expertise of dealing with these matters for clients across a wide range of business sectors, which can assist you regardless of where you are based.

When do I need a regulatory lawyer?

Almost every aspect of your business that requires compliance with legal duties will fall under a regulatory framework and will be enforced by regulatory agencies.

Many organisations are not aware that if something goes wrong and the law is breached, that most regulators have wide powers to investigate the business, its directors and other employees.

These investigations are conducted in a similar way to a criminal investigation by the police with regulators having many of the same powers.

Regulatory agencies can commence a criminal prosecution against an organisation and individuals. We are seeing more directors and other employees prosecuted than ever before.

If you or your business is facing a regulatory investigation or prosecution you should seek urgent advice from a regulatory solicitor and should not try to handle it alone.

Will I know if an investigation is commenced?

If a regulator suspects that you or your business has breached the law they will normally write to the Company Secretary or a director at the registered office to invite the company to an interview under caution.  This is also referred to as a PACE Interview. 

They may also visit you or your business to:

  • ask questions;
  • gather information;
  • obtain documentation;
  • serve notices requiring you or the business to take certain action or prohibit certain activities. 

It is advisable to seek the swift involvement of a regulatory solicitor if any of the above occurs. Most people would immediately telephone a solicitor if a policeman visited to investigate them for a criminal offence.  This is no different.

We are happy to have an initial telephone consultation to discuss whether this is something that requires our involvement to best protect you and your business. If you have legal expenses cover under your insurance policy, we can liaise with your insurer to ensure that you are able to instruct your chosen solicitor.


Chambers and Partners, Health and Safety (UK Wide) 2018 Guide- "James Lowe of George Green LLP represents businesses and individuals across a spectrum of different industries, including retail, food and healthcare. A source says: "He is one of the best regulatory lawyers I have worked with, and is very good at understanding the client's business perspective."

Chambers and Partners, Health and Safety (UK Wide) 2017 – “James is held in high regard and described by market sources as “very diligent in everything he does” He represents businesses and individuals across a spectrum of different industries including retail, food and healthcare”

Chambers and Partners, Health and Safety (UK Wide) 2016 - “James Lowe is praised for the way in which he “takes a genuine interest in finding the solution for the client”

“James is extremely personable and client friendly”

“You have done a fantastic job”

“I instructed James on many occasions over a period of 7 or 8 years.  James consistently provided first class expertise and service on a range of regulatory topics.  He became our preferred advisor on regulatory law.  His ability to bring about a positive outcome to any scenario really is top drawer.  James has a sixth sense for knowing what needs to be done, and this makes him extremely easy to work with.”

“James always offers sensible practical advice with a rapid response time”.

“James represented me in a regulatory dispute with a local authority, he was professional, personable, and had a deep understanding of the sector. I would have no hesitation recommending James”.