George Green’s commercial litigation solicitors have extensive experience of resolving disputes. We have acted for businesses and individuals in litigation both nationally and internationally. Our expertise means that we are able to give clients early, effective advice on the merits of their litigation. We invest in suitable cases by offering clients ‘no win, no fee’ and ‘no win, low fee’ agreements to help reduce the cost and risk of litigation.

‘No win, no fee’ and ‘no win, low fee’

By using our ‘no win, no fee’ and ‘no win, low fee’ commercial litigation funding arrangements, part or all of our fees are conditional on winning your case. We will agree the definition of ‘win’ with you at the outset. In most litigation, ‘winning’ the case will be directly connected with recovering or saving you money, depending on whether you are bringing the claim yourself or defending a claim against you.

In order for us to offer a ‘no win, no fee’ or ‘no win, low fee’ agreement, your case must:

  • Have a value that is proportionate to the cost of bringing the claim, which usually means more than £25,000 is in dispute;
  • Be against someone who has the means to pay your damages and our costs;
  • Have sufficiently good merits for us to invest.

Our ‘no win, no fee’ and ‘no win, low fee’ agreements are investments in our clients’ litigation. If our clients do not win, then we are not paid all of our fees. In exchange for taking that risk, we charge an additional amount on successful cases, which is known as a ‘success fee’.

In some ‘no win, no fee’ cases, rather than charging a success fee, we agree to share any damages recovered with you. This is known as a ‘damages based agreement’. Because of the way the Government has recently authorised damages based agreements, they are usually only suitable for very high value cases, usually in excess of £500,000.

Third party funding

No matter which type of funding arrangement is available for your case, you are still responsible for paying other fees that arise in the litigation. This may include experts’ fees, barristers’ fees and the fees charged by the court if you issue proceedings.

It is sometimes possible to obtain litigation funding so a third party pays your legal fees in exchange for a share of the proceeds. We have worked with a number of specialist litigation funders, whose business is solely organised around funding cases. As with damages based agreements, this sort of funding is usually suited to high value cases. However, we also have relationships with funders who are able to help with cases of around £25,000 or more.

Litigation insurance

George Green have joined forces with Temple, a leading litigation insurer, to offer clients an in-house litigation insurance package. Unlike many solicitors, George Green’s reputation and experience means we have authority to arrange insurance for clients without incurring brokers’ fees or referring the case to insurers for approval.

Disputes covered: The insurance covers all of our usual range of litigation services, including professional negligence claims, partnership and shareholder disputes and commercial contract litigation. Claims would usually be for between £25,000 and £1,000,000.

Cover available: Up to £150,000 to refund court fees, experts’ fees and opponents’ legal costs if you do not win your case. Our reputation and relationship with Temple means that we are able to source higher levels of cover for larger cases.

Cost: You pay nothing up front and nothing until you receive money from your opponent. If you win, the insurance premium is only payable from the money you recover.

George Green’s fees: In many cases, we share the risks with the client and Temple so all of our fees are only payable if the client wins. We are well known in the legal directories as a top tier firm without top tier prices.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help minimise the risk and cost of your litigation. If you would like more information about the insurance policy, please click here.