Zero star rating for Croydon TK Maxx store following mouse droppings discovery

On 11 April 2018, the TX Maxx store in Croydon was inspected by an environmental health officer from Croydon Council. The store was given a zero star food hygiene rating, which is the lowest possible score, after mouse urine and droppings were discovered on shelving and food products.

Company procedures to control pests were described as "inadequate" as there had been a rodent infestation at the store for over a month.

A zero star food hygiene rating requires urgent improvement from the store. A "voluntary closure agreement" was arranged following the inspection which required the store to immediately stop selling food and to correctly dispose of the contaminated products.

Inspectors also ordered the store to review its pest control procedures and ensure that adequate improvements were put in place. The “voluntary closure agreement” remained in place until the store was re-inspected by environment officers.

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