The end of blame in divorce?

Following the sad case of Mrs Owens who was forced to remain in a loveless marriage after being denied a divorce over the summer, there has been increasing pressure on the government to change the law on divorce. The association of family lawyers, Resolution has been complaining for this. All of our family solicitors at George Green are members of resolution and support this campaign.

In response the government has announced a consultation with a view to changing the current law. The proposed change would end the need to allege either adultery or unreasonable behaviour in the divorce petition to obtain a divorce without waiting for a period of separation to run.  It is also proposed that a spouse who does not want a divorce would lose the right to object to a petition based upon two years separation.

This would be a significant change to divorce law and one that is welcomed by our family lawyers. Divorce is difficult enough without having to blame the other person for the end of the marriage just to be able to obtain a divorce without waiting for two or more years from the date of separation.

Allowing couples to divorce without having to allege fault will mean that they can focus on the important matters such as the arrangements for their children and their finances rather than having to apportion blame for the end of the marriage.

The consultation is likely to take some time and will be followed closely by our team. In the meantime we can help you navigate the current system to reduce acrimony wherever possible and enable you to obtain a divorce without delay.

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