A high number of food businesses in Birmingham are failing to meet hygiene standards

Following research into 390 local authorities across the UK, Birmingham City Council was top of the rankings, for a second successive year, as one of the worst areas in the UK for food hygiene compliance. In Birmingham, 43 per cent of high and medium-risk food businesses did not meet compliance standards.

Hyndburn Borough Council was the second worst area in the UK for food hygiene compliance as just two in five medium and high-risk food business met the required standards.

Erewash Borough Council, for the second successive year, was rated the best food hygiene enforcement area out of 390 local authorities. 97 per cent of the borough’s medium and high-risk establishments were compliant with hygiene standards.

Food Business Operators can receive a score from ‘0’ to ‘5’ following a food hygiene inspection from a local authority Environmental Health Officer.

The score is intended to show the hygiene standards at the premises during the inspection.

The score, also known as a food hygiene rating, is an overall score showing how well the food business is performing on food hygiene matters. It is also intended to reflect the level of risk to peoples’ health.

Environmental Health Officers specifically inspect:

1.    How hygienically food is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored;

2.    The condition of the structure of the buildings including the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and facilities; and

3.    How food safety is managed by the business.

The scores explained

The scores are rated on a sliding scale from ‘0’ meaning that urgent improvement is required, to ‘5’ which highlights that hygiene standards are extremely good.

Any food business that scores ‘0’ is extremely likely to be scoring very poorly in all three areas inspected. It is probable that there will also be a poor food hygiene history at the premises.  Those scoring ‘5’ will be scoring highly in all three areas.

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