Food App Just Eat fails to display hygiene ratings for takeaways given zero for hygiene

Over half of outlets rated as 0 for food hygiene by the Food Standards Agency in Birmingham are listed on Just Eat. 20 out of the 31 takeaways rated 0 are listed on Just Eat, but their food hygiene score is not displayed.

Other major cities such as London, Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool also have more than half of their takeaways with a rating of zero on the online and mobile food ordering platform.

Consumer rights campaigners are calling for Just Eat to display the hygiene score alongside each listing.

Many local authorities participate in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, which is managed by the Food Standards Agency. In those areas, food establishments are given a rating based on hygiene.

Currently, food establishments are under no legal requirement in England to display the rating given. They are required to do so in Wales. However, the Food Standards Agency does provide an online service that can be used to search the hygiene rating of any rated business:

A food hygiene rating of zero reflects that the food establishment is "in need of urgent improvement", where as a rating of five reflects “hygiene standards are very good”.

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