Divorcing somebody with a Narcissist personality

At George Green solicitors, our expert family team are very aware of the signs of narcissistic personality disorder in terms of divorce, finances and children matters

Having the right solicitor to guide you through a divorce from a narcissist is essential as well as putting in place a support system for you. 

The narcissist is likely to have a grandiose sense of self-importance and live in a fantasy world to support their own delusions. They have a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy and a lack of guilt or shame. They will frequently intimate and bully others believing that they are entitled to do so. 

Particularly in children act proceedings, it is essential that this is conveyed to the court as more than simply a ‘parental conflict’,  it is a fundamental personality trait of one party that needs to be looked into, addressed and managed (if possible). 

Having a solicitor experienced with dealing with narcissism will mean that you have somebody fighting your corner who doesn’t fall for your ex-partners fantasy.  We will do everything possible to manage the situation and recognise from the outset the strategy that needs to be applied. 

If you wish to book in for an initial consultation to discuss your case, our family solicitors are based in both Wolverhampton and Cradley Heath and serve clients across the West Midlands. You can contact Aimee Stokes, a family solicitor, on 01902 328 355 or astokes@georgegreen.co.uk who will be able to advise further.