Pubs investigated for COVID-19 Security breaches

Since the pubs reopened on 4 July 2020, there have been numerous complaints to councils about social distancing and COVID control issues.

Between 4 July 2020 and 1 August 2020, local authority officers visited 28 pubs across Derby following complaints about overcrowding in pubs and beer gardens, failure to adhere to track and trace requests and people not following social distancing requirements when waiting to enter the venues.

A spokesperson for Derby City Council said: 

Since re-opening, we worked with the Police monitoring pubs for the first four Saturday nights to monitor compliance. The Police have the power to fine individuals for breaches of guidelines and we have the powers to deal with the premises for breaches in health and safety/public health regulations. However, we have a policy of staged enforcement and we are trying to work with the businesses rather than against them.

The first stage of enforcement involves contacting the business to discuss the complaint/concerns, review their risk assessments and make suggestions where necessary.

Should we receive further complaints then a site visit may be required and help given to rectify any issues. Only when our advice/guidance is not followed and there is a general lack of compliance would we serve an improvement notice legally requiring a business to implement certain requirements within 21 days.

If there were serious non-compliance issues we have the power to close a business.”

Derby city council have not released information on whether it has issued any of the pubs investigated with improvement notices or orders to close.

Our Regulatory Partner, James Lowe, is offering a free 1 hour consultation for any business contacted by the HSE or local authorities in respect of compliance issues relating to Covid 19. James can be contacted on 07833 240400.