Ant McPartlin gets 'telling off' by judge

A High Court Judge stated that “there isn't one law for the famous and one for the rest of the community” after TV star Ant McPartlin failed to attend a preliminary hearing in relation to his divorce from Lisa Armstrong.

Mr Justice Mostyn said "the rules say he was supposed to be here, and that can be reported. He has been told off."  

In family proceedings, parties generally need to apply to the judge if they are unable to attend a hearing. Often the only reason permission is granted not to attend is on medical grounds.

If a party does not attend they can be in breach of a court order and can be required to pay costs if a hearing needs to be rescheduled. The court can also make an order in the absence of a party. Where a party repeatedly fails to attend the court can impose a fine or even imprisonment for contempt of court in extreme cases.

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